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Fabric Building experts

Company DUOL designs, manufactures and installs some of the most unique and versatile fabric structures in the world.  DUOL is experts in Air domes, Prefabricated frame structures and Tent Structures:

air domes  
Air domes
 Prefabricated wooden hall  Prefabricated steel hall  Tension structure

Air domes

DUOL Air Supported Structures / Air domes are most recognized products from DUOL. We are global leader in air supported structures and since company founding 23 years ago, DUOL installed more than 1200 structures all over the world: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America:

Industrial air dome in Chile

Air dome in Dubai

Air dome in Kamchatka - Russia
Industrial air dome in Chile Air dome in Dubai Air dome in Kamchatka - Russia

DUOL Air Supported Structures are built to meet virtually any local design requirements and are able to withstand heavy snow / high temperatures and high winds in all types of environments just as any permanent building is required to do. The structure system comes with sophisticated AC packages, doors and lighting packages with a fast delivery. Turn-key building projects can be ready for use in less than 100 days and are completed at a significantly lower cost per square meter than any conventional building. Our latest membrane technology,  certified quality  and official tested insulation properties guarantee maintenance-free operation of fabric buildings. Our membranes are fire retardant and coated with special self-cleaning film to preserve perfect whiteness and significantly extend air dome lifespan.

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Why to choose Duol

The team at DUOL is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and professionalism in our service. Our team is comprised of the most knowledgeable, highly trained and motivated people in the industry. Our confidence in our product allows us to offer the most rock-solid warranty in the business, giving our customers a peace of mind that is unparalleled in the industry.


Complete control over all phases of operations

Engineering Production Assembling Maintaining

Fabric structure engineering

Fabric structure production

Fabric structure assembling

Fabric structure maintaining

Efficient and fast after sale support

  100% efficient and fast after sale support - immediate technical support for clients, through mobile or email communication; fly interventions of DUOL technicians can be organized in very short time, if required; spare parts support with the standard first aid kit, included with each delivery and with all the other crucial spare parts on stock ready for sending.


DUOL is Quality leader

As a certified company with the ISO 9001:2008 standards, we apply this standard to every operation within DUOL organization.

DUOL follows strict ISO 9001:2008 quality standards in every process to ensure client safe and on time delivery.

During the last 22 years Duol installed more than 1200 structures all over the world and as a clear market leader, enjoys the confidence of customers all over Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Some of Duol prestigious references all over the world:

Air dome reference map


Niort, France   FC Lokomotiv Moscow, Russia   Imatra, Finland


Valparaiso, Chile    Turku, Finland    Vilnius, Lithuania
Hveragerdi, Iceland    Seinajoki, Finland    Kemi, Finland
 Atakoy, Turkey   Brussels, Belgium   Sochi, Russia
 Copenhagen, Denmark    Lahti, Finland    Food processing air domes
 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia   Kamchatka, Russia    Tallinn, Estonia
Dinamo Volgograd, Russia   Volgograd, Russia   Tbilisi, Georgia
Kungsbacka, Sweden   Thessaloniki, Greece   Ljubljana, Slovenia
Stadion Yantar - Moscow    Tromso, Norway    Kazahstan,15.000m2 dome
Trondheim , Norway   Agon-Coutainville, France   Karaman, Turkey
Rijeka, Croatia   Copenhagen, Denmark   Astana, Kazakhstan
Togliatti, Russia   Maribor, Slovenia   Moscow, Russia
Doneck, Ukraine   Minsk, Belarus   Gipsy Club, Moscow

DUOL innovative solutions are designed to conserve energy, to be environment friendly and to adapt to all the local laws:

  - DUOL DMS ThermoTM: New generation double membrane system (DMS) without thermal bridges, special welding system which reflects in high isolation quality and lowest running costs possible.
  - DUOL SpaceDomeTM: Insulation from high-tech materials developed in space technology with lowest thermal conductivity of any solid material.
  - Transparent membrane: DUOL transparent membrane offers, best on the market, 64% lights transmittance. Due to the high transmittance of daylight, lighting costs can be reduced which in turn will contribute to saving energy.
  - Intellergy system: Monitoring, alarming system with history record for crucial air dome parameters.
  - LED light system: New generation LED lightning system with ultimate efficiency.
- Ventilation system: High energy saving, efficient and effective ventilation system that has been developed over many years in Duol.
  - Flexible anchoring system: With innovative ground-anchoring system there is no more need for concrete beam. Air dome installation is now much faster and cost-effective.
  - Ad-hoc engineering: Static, structural and thermal calculation, efficiency estimation.

Strong company organization, Worlwide client support, Innovative solutions:

In 2013 DUOL was awarded for "Best managed company in Slovenia"


Link to nomination:

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