Air dome cost

Air dome cost

DUOL Air Domes are a cost-effective and flexible means of covering outdoor sporting areas permanently (or during the winter months only).

How much does an air dome cost? 

DUOL air dome costs significantly less than traditional structures as it does not need any traditional site preparation such as full concrete foundation or framing and other requirements connected with conventional structures. Moreover, they often have more flexible permitting requirements in many countries, as they are not considered permanent constructions. The cost of an air dome is determined by various factors, including specific customer requirements and the incorporation of membrane systems and other innovative technologies in the project. Generally, prices can range from around 50 to 250 euros per square meter.

Air dome cost

Are engineering costs included?

Yes, DUOL provides all necessary technical drawings, static, thermal and other calculations related to the project.

What are the thermal insulation characteristics of DUOL airdome?

By choosing different membrane systems, the thermal insulation could be in range between U= 1.74 - 3.05 W/m2K. There are also more advanced options with a U-value below 0.2 W/m2K.

  • ECO Advance is the new generation of membrane system which completely eliminates thermal losses through thermal bridges. This innovative design offers higher thermal insulation and many other advantages over ECO Basic.
  • ECO Ultra is the latest DUOL innovation with the most advanced membrane technology. A state-of-the-art insulation system between the membranes ensures the lowest possible U-value.

The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in DUOL air domes offers you low operating costs.

DUOL ECO Membrane, the unique membrane system from DUOL, that ensures the structural stability, excellent thermal insulation, the ultimate strength, and with an amazing flexibility at the same time.

What is the recommended membrane maintenance?

One of the most significant air dome advantages is that no special membrane maintenance is required.

What is the recommended maintenance of the machinery/heating- ventilation units?

No daily maintenance is required, only periodical inspections and regular service (oil, belts etc.)

What is the air dome lifespan

The expected lifespan in standard weather conditions is +40 years.

What is the warranty period?

5-20 years warranty on the fabric and up to 2 years on other equipment.

Are you eager to learn more about air dome structures cost and pricing?

Every DUOL air dome is custom designed. Air dome price depends on your unique requirements. Contact us to find out more about your new project costs and pricing.

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