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DUOL Intellergy is an innovative solution for supervision and automation of air domes. The installed programmable logic controller (ComBox.M) interacts with different air dome systems and is used for supervision, automation and control solution. Once connected the users have easy access via web cloud base application GemaLogic and smartphones.


Connectivity and Flexibility

Various communication technologies and software support are available to collect, store and transmit data from various air dome systems. Unlimited flexibility is provided by the built-in Ethernet IEEE 802.3i interface, a number of serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-485) as well as GPRS and wireless communication, all these providing the functionality required by the user application. Integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) allows air dome monitoring in small systems as well as air dome management in bigger, complex systems.


Duol DomeMonitor - System Monitoring and Alerting

The system allows users to have easy monitoring over internet access. In addition, the system provides alerting of via sms or email in case of any triggered alerts by air dome systems. The costumers can at any time access information about backup unit systems status, air dome pressure status, wind speed status, ambient and environment temperature.
• Backup unit
• Air dome pressure
• Ambient and environment temperature monitoring
• Wind speed


Duol DomeManager - System Management

Integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) can be used for air dome systems automation that enables customers to remotely configure HVAC systems, lighting system and other custom air dome systems that are installed.
• Backup unit
• Air dome pressure
• Ambient and environment temperature monitoring
• Wind speed
• HVAC systems
• Lighting systems
• Other costume system



Quality components, good fabrication, appropriate housings as well as acquired certificates prove the high reliability of performance.


Available for iOS and Android

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