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The technological expertise and experience required of a successful building company is considerable. Duol’s team has more than 20 years engineering buildings, heating, cooling, and inflation systems. Every Duol dome incorporates the latest innovations in design, membrane system, air management, Lightening and electrical systems to provide the ultimate in efficiency, safety and comfort.

Duol has its own laboratory facilities. Various materials are tested and further developed in this laboratory and tests are preformed to determine the different relevant properties of the applied materials. This last issue is also, for example, done within the framework of the quality policy with the aim of checking the specified properties of materials from suppliers.

Concerned about the energy costs of an air structure, air dome, or fabric building? We don’t just build the world’s best buildings, but we also build the world’s highest quality—and most energy efficient—inflation, heating, and/or cooling units for our buildings, air structures, and air domes using 80% less fuel than comparable systems. Furthermore Duol air domes also can have translucent roofs and skylights—reducing or eliminating the need for costly lighting systems during the day.


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