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Focuses on the environment

DUOL innovative solutions are designed to conserve energy, to be environment friendly and to adapt to all the local laws:

  - DUOL DMS ThermoTM: New generation double membrane system (DMS) without thermal bridges, special welding system which reflects in high isolation quality and lowest running costs possible.
  - DUOL SpaceDomeTM: Insulation from high-tech materials developed in space technology with lowest thermal conductivity of any solid material.
  - Transparent membrane: DUOL transparent membrane offers, best on the market, 64% lights transmittance. Due to the high transmittance of daylight, lighting costs can be reduced which in turn will contribute to saving energy.
  - Intellergy system: Monitoring, alarming system with history record for crucial air dome parameters.
  - LED light system: New generation LED lightning system with ultimate efficiency.
- Ventilation system: High energy saving, efficient and effective ventilation system that has been developed over many years in Duol.
  - Flexible anchoring system: With innovative ground-anchoring system there is no more need for concrete beam. Air dome installation is now much faster and cost-effective.
  - Ad-hoc engineering: Static, structural and thermal calculation, efficiency estimation.

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